About Us

Our Location
Items are Made to Order, here in Leicestershire, England.
Delivery & Returns
Our Sizing System follows UK Stores and British Standard Sizing.
Delivery is 4 days - 6 weeks
We will keep you updated on progress by email, and look forward to hearing your enjoyment of your new garment upon receipt.
Pieces with Mother of Pearl Beads are applied by skilled hands and cannot be returned due to the bespoke and timely nature of the work.
The Team 
Venus Seychelles Beachwear is made in Leicestershire England, Printed, Stitched  and Beaded within 13 miles of our Studio for a low Ecofootfall. The Range is designed by Mandy Clovis who has designed and sold 3 million garments mainly in UK, has celebrity dressed at The Sony Radio Awards, inspired by the beautiful islands of The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.